Why Kendo Is Not in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Schedule

How about Olympic glory for Kendo? Wouldn’t that be nice for a change? Honestly, Kendo has remained behind the scenes for far too long, and Tokyo 2020 is the perfect time to introduce it to the world. Right?

The last time the Olympic games were in Japan, the organizers took that opportunity to introduce Judo. So, it may seem natural to do the same for Kendo except that it’s not going to happen. And there’re plenty of reasons why this ancient sport prefers to fly under the IOC’s radar.

Not recognized by the IOC

For any sport to make it to the Olympic arena, they should first register with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They, in turn, give the applicant international recognition that opens doors to funding. However, the Kendo community has not made that effort. But the question remains why?

For starters, Kendo has a somewhat unfair judging system. There is no specific way to authenticate the Judge’s decision that may sometimes differ from one judge to the other. In fact, other similar games like Sumo have an electronic scoring system that lights a bulb when specific body parts come into contact with another player.

What lies ahead for Kendo

The future of Kendo is at stake here; experts say that it may no longer attract players, considering that there is little or no funding. But the players and stakeholders have another opinion. They want it to draw only a few interested individuals that want to enjoy its benefits and nothing more.

Undoubtedly, the game is slowly turning from a sport to a hobby. And this will not be the first instance of its hibernation – it has happened before. However, that did not stop it from regaining its lost glory shortly after coming back to life a few years later.