What is Kendo? – Part 2

The excitement, thrill, and entertainment that comes with Kendo are truly unmatched. From afar, a Kendo match looks like a scene straight out of a Samurai movie- from the costumes, feet thumping and controlled sword fights.

The sport traces its roots back to the Samurai age and acts as a way to connect with the past. It strives to unite the body and the mind to achieve a balance of awareness. As you may imagine, this is not easy, but it’s doable with lots of practice.

However, the real winners here are the fans. They get to watch live sword action and also place bets that may result to free cash.

The gear

If there is one thing that Kendo emphasizes on, it is safety. First, players use toy swords – usually made of several bamboo sticks tied together using leather strands. Then there is special gear to protect the face, neck, and shoulders. Since the head is the primary target here, this piece is the most important armour equipment for the players. Other gear items include a chest guard, special gloves and something to guard the waistline.

Besides this safety gear, there are several rules in place to keep players on track.

The rules of Kendo

The ideal Kendo player is one who can contain emotions and listen to instructions carefully. During the game, combat time for adults is no more than five munites and only three minutes for children. The main point is to keep the session brief and exciting.

The player who pokes the opponent two times in the head wins. Otherwise, the judges grade every sword-to-body contact to find a winner.

Depending on the competition, there can be one or more players in the ring. The combat time and rules remain unchanged except for a slight increase in the number of judges.