The Art of Kendo in Ontario, Canada

Kendo is a sport that has its influences in martial arts. It is quite popular in Canada, with many newcomers joining the ranks on a daily basis.

What Is It Exactly?

Kendo is a form of fencing that originated in Japan. Competitors face each other with only a two-handed, bamboo sword in hand. This modern form of Japanese martial arts makes use of protective armor to ensure that competitors remain out of harm’s way. The sport is widely practiced in Japan, and throughout a number of countries in the world, including Canada.

The Ins and Outs of Kendo

As with most Japanese sports, Kendo emphasizes the need for etiquette, and behavior befitting a sportsman, at all times. At the start of each contest, opponents face each other and bow as a sign of respect to the other. Each contest is ended in the same manner. The bow is called a rei. This sign of respect is directed at the opponent, the instructors, and is a sign of thanks. As you move up the ranks of the Kendo ladder, you progress from a low ranked, seventh kyu. Once you progress to the first kyu position, the Kendoist moves to the next level which is ranked according to dan. 10th Dan is the highest rank you can achieve.

How Are Skills Ranked?

Your rank is earned according to your abilities, skills, and the length of time you have been practicing the sport. Every beginner starts a the bottom as a seventh Kyu, there is no chance of skipping steps along the way. This is a sport where ranking is truly earned.

Kendo has taken off in Canada, with many regions, like Ontario, doing what they can to promote the sport. Various competitions are held to draw attention to Kendo, and attract newcomers to the sporting activity.