Meet a Little Girl that Wins Kendo Matches Against Men

Ever considered your options in a foreign country with zero skills in their native language? Probably, the only option is taking odd jobs and skipping meals to make ends meet. But for one determined man, this was not an option at all.

The Arrival

In 1998, Sam Tsai arrived in Hamilton with a dream to make it big. Just like most people, he only had education and a bag of clothes to his name. However, Tsai also came with his love for Kendo and some other strong skills. So, he decided to start a kendo school in his new home turf – a move that would later turn his fortunes.

Starting an enterprise is never a walk in the park, and establishing a Kendo school is even harder – considering the popularity challenge and lack of funding. He pushed the idea forward during which he met his wife (Marleen Charng), with whom he has a baby girl (Joyce). This little girl started Kendo training when she was only six-years-old. And she has earned a spot at the International Kendo Championship this year as a result of this effort.

A Champion in the Making

For a 10-year-old, Joyce has an impressive track record that involves beating up older boys. According to Charng, the game is about building mental strength to contain fear and anticipate your opponent’s moves. If you can master those two, the only thing standing between you and victory is the three-judge bench.

Joyce has fought alongside her parents in a team match. The idea was to create a memory for her that will last a lifetime before Sam and Marleen Tsai become too old to fight. Unfortunately, the match did not end well on their side, but the experience was priceless, according to Joyce.

So, Kendo is not entirely a man’s sport; women can take it up and do better than men, anytime!