Kendo, The Japanese Way

A sport founded in Japan; the Japanese community living in Canada has opened the floodgates. Canadians of all ages have taken to the sport like a fish to water.

About of Kendo

The aim of the sport is to strike your apposition on the body in designated strike zones. To make things a little more tricky, the competitor making the strike, must call the name of the strike zone when making the strike. The strike zones are divided into four areas; the head or men, the torso or do, the forearm or kote, and the area on the throat between the head, and the shoulder protector. This area is called the tsuki but is deemed illegal in competitions among children up to middle school. The strike area is dangerous in any instance. Strikes on any other areas on the body, besides the strike zones, are not awarded any points. Contests usually last up to 5 minutes, however, the first to score 2 legitimate strikes is deemed the winner.

The Kendo Club

The Kendo Club in Canada takes part in competitions or tournaments throughout the year. These include the Ontario Senior Open Championships, the Intercollegiate tournament, Montreal Tournament, Ontario Senior Open Championship, as well as a number of smaller events.

The club practices the Japanese martial art. Students wear the traditional attire of a Hakama, and Gi. Armor or Bogu is worn whether at practice or in competition. Safety is a top priority.

Who Can Join, Where, and When?

The Kendo Club in Canada welcomes all ages to the sport. They cater for both the beginner, and the more skilled Kendoka, and any level in between. The club holds classes throughout the year except for those days deemed national holidays, and university closure days. Beginners can make their start at the beginning of each semester, however, more skilled levels can join in at any time.