Kendo in Canada

Kendo has been a Canadian favourite for over 100 years now. It arrived with Japanese travelers who came looking for greener pastures while avoiding the troubles back home. Ideally, it’s safe to say that Kendo has had a good time here. In fact, when the sport was facing a rough time back in Japan, most Kendo professionals relocated to Canada for new beginnings.

On the other hand, the Canadian nationals welcomed the idea and continue to play a huge role in adopting and distributing the game throughout the country. Along the way, Kendo has created business opportunities for interested people in producing gear, providing training among others.

Kendo schools in Canada

Just like most sports, kendo is more fun when played in groups. And it is the perfect option for people seeking to expand their social circles. Besides that, players get to strengthen their minds and bodies in the process. So, if you’re interested in taking it up or learning more, here are some places you can visit:

  • Calgary Kendo club
  • Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) Kendo Club (Toronto)
  • Chinook Kendo Club
  • Ka muso Kai
  • Edmonton Kendo Club

These here are the top Canadian Dojos that never disappoint. But you need to confirm if their schedule works for you.

The Future of Kendo

Even though Kendo is not part of the Olympics in 2020 or (any other year for that matter) its future is still bright. For starters, more people have taken up the sport and continue to practice it for its health benefits. And as a result, many tournaments have sprung up to fill the three-year gap that the international Kendo championship creates.

YouTube and blogs have also changed how the kendo fans and players interact. People can now take lessons from the best Dojos in the world from the comfort of their home, thanks to the free detailed videos.