Kendo and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Is there be a better time to introduce Kendo to the Olympics than Tokyo 2020? The last time the games were in Japan, they introduced Judo. It is a lesser known sport compared to Kendo, but it enjoys the limelight, why not Kendo?

Let’s get something straight – Kendo is not even close to becoming part of the Olympics, for a good reason. Some people claim that too much attention has ruined Judo. And that’s precisely what the Kendo community is trying to avoid. But here is more.

Kendo is not a recognized sport

For some reason, Kendo is not in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) records. But still, the Kendo community has not submitted an application for the same. For one, there is a huge loophole in the point-awarding criteria. In that, there is no sure way of judging hits as is the case with electric scoring in Sumo. Here, a light comes on when there is contact on specific body parts.

Again, the idea of playing for the prize money is against Kendo’s core principles. In fact, the players claim that going mainstream could reduce it to people competing for the gold. Rather than aiming at molding the mind and body.

The future of Kendo

At this point, it’s tough to tell the exact future of the sport. But Kendo is one of the ancient games that still don’t have the recognition they deserve. That has negatively impacted the sport because recognition comes with funding. Currently, players have to dig deep into their pockets to cater for all expenses. For example, there is one Canadain player who had to sell their car to go for the International Kendo Championship that he had been preparing for the past three years.

If something doesn’t change very soon, the game will remain in the shadows or perhaps be part of forgoten history.