Is Kendo Truly Female friendly?

What would be the results of a Kendo match between a man and a woman? Will he keep his dignity or is it going to be shred into pieces?

Kendo is a sport that was loved and practiced by men way back in the 16th century. As time passed, battlefield weapons evolved, and fencing slowly turned into a sport. During this time, women took up this male-dominated game, just to see what would come out if it. But the question is, does it suit them?

Joyce’s background

Joyce Tsai, a young girl, is a perfect example of a female warrior that could take on any man. She is the daughter of Sam Tsai and Marleen Charng who are both Kendo lovers. Sam has previously won the International Kendo Championship in the individual division. And has run a Kendo school for a considerable part of his life in New Zealand.

Joyce’s parents trained her since she was six-years-old – a thing that has earned her a spot at the International Kendo Championships 2018. That makes her the youngest player in the entire competition, but certainly not the weakest. According to Charng, the game is about psychological stability. If you can control emotions – fear, doubt, and be able to anticipate your opponent’s move, you can take on anyone, regardless of gender or size.

Her future

Joyce may not win this particular competition, but her future is bright. She has mastered all the technique,s and is now trying to conquer her mind. That is probably the biggest challenge for all Kendo fighters. But the earlier you start practicing, the better.

If you are still wondering how a match between a man and a woman would end, it depends on the player’s mental ability. If she is smarter, the man stands no chance – even though he’s stronger and bigger.