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Meet a Little Girl that Wins Kendo Matches Against Men

Ever considered your options in a foreign country with zero skills in their native language? Probably, the only option is taking odd jobs and skipping meals to make ends meet. But for one determined man, this was not an option at all.

The Arrival

In 1998, Sam Tsai arrived in Hamilton with a dream to make it big. Just like most people, he only had education and a bag of clothes to his name. However, Tsai also came with his love for Kendo and some other strong skills. So, he decided to start a kendo school in his new home turf – a move that would later turn his fortunes.

Starting an enterprise is never a walk in the park, and establishing a Kendo school is even harder – considering the popularity challenge and lack of funding. He pushed the idea forward during which he met his wife (Marleen Charng), with whom he has a baby girl (Joyce). This little girl started Kendo training when she was only six-years-old. And she has earned a spot at the International Kendo Championship this year as a result of this effort.

A Champion in the Making

For a 10-year-old, Joyce has an impressive track record that involves beating up older boys. According to Charng, the game is about building mental strength to contain fear and anticipate your opponent’s moves. If you can master those two, the only thing standing between you and victory is the three-judge bench.

Joyce has fought alongside her parents in a team match. The idea was to create a memory for her that will last a lifetime before Sam and Marleen Tsai become too old to fight. Unfortunately, the match did not end well on their side, but the experience was priceless, according to Joyce.

So, Kendo is not entirely a man’s sport; women can take it up and do better than men, anytime!

Betting on Martial Arts

How about a chance to double your money while watching your favorite martial arts game? It may sound too good to be true, but hey, real people are making free money doing absolutely nothing. What about you?

Getting started

Let’s face it; not all people are fit for combat. That’s why taking a seat in the audience is the only choice for most people – where it’s safe and all about fun. Besides, you can place a bet in and receive the payout in as little as five minutes. Here, the betting goes down before the match and options include predicting the winner, the method of victory, round betting, and a combination (submission and points).

The payout differs from one site to the other, but generally, the crowd’s favorite has a lower return compared to the underdog. Admittedly, making that decision is always nerve-wrecking. But either way, you stand a chance to make or break your bankroll.

Betting tips

The idea here is to do a thorough background check on the players. That way, you’ll know which matches will attract the most attention – considering that many bets result in bigger payouts. So, the things you should look out for are injuries, drug disqualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and personal issues. This info is readily available on social media, all you need to do is make an effort.

Also, your match selection will affect your winning rate too. For example, if both players are relatively new to the scene, making the right choice can be a daunting task. So, always go for matches between a well-known player and an upcoming player or two favorites. It reduces the risk factor by almost half!

Final thoughts

If you are completely new to martial arts betting, don’t rush into placing bets. First, watch several matches and know the big names in the scene. And also join martial arts betting forums to stay updated with the best deals.

The 17th World Kendo Championship

Things have always been quite slow in the international kendo field, but finally, something interesting is coming up – the 17th Kendo World Championship.

This is a premium event sponsored by the International Kendo Federation once every three years. The very first event went down in 1970 in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, each ceremony has been bigger, better and most importantly more competitive. This year, the best Kendo teams are heading to Korea’s Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon Metropolitan City.

The Sponsors

Here are the organizations that have pledged to support this year’s event:

  • International Kendo Federation (FIK) – Primary promoter
  • Korea Kumdo Association (KKA) – Host
  • Korea sport and Olympic committee – Secondary sponsor
  • Incheon Metropolitan City – Secondary sponsor
  • All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) – Secondary sponsor

The program

The event will take five days starting from 12th to 16th September 2018, but the best action will be in the last three days. On the first day, there will be a general assembly and the referees will have their meeting. On the second day, the FIK board of directors and managers will have separate talks about the match fixures for the whole event.

The main events start on the third day with individual men competitions taking center stage. As usual, each round will be five minutes long. The commendation ceremony will go down later on the same day.

On September 15, the ladies will take over and show-off their skills in an individual women tournament. Later on, they will compete in women teams. The commendation will mark the end of the day’s events.

The climax of the event -the men’s team championship- will take place on the last day (September 16). The awarding and closing ceremonies will follow shortly after that.

Well, that’s what to expect in what is promising to be another year of the way-of-the-sword celebrations.

See you there!

Why Kendo Is Not in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Schedule

How about Olympic glory for Kendo? Wouldn’t that be nice for a change? Honestly, Kendo has remained behind the scenes for far too long, and Tokyo 2020 is the perfect time to introduce it to the world. Right?

The last time the Olympic games were in Japan, the organizers took that opportunity to introduce Judo. So, it may seem natural to do the same for Kendo except that it’s not going to happen. And there’re plenty of reasons why this ancient sport prefers to fly under the IOC’s radar.

Not recognized by the IOC

For any sport to make it to the Olympic arena, they should first register with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They, in turn, give the applicant international recognition that opens doors to funding. However, the Kendo community has not made that effort. But the question remains why?

For starters, Kendo has a somewhat unfair judging system. There is no specific way to authenticate the Judge’s decision that may sometimes differ from one judge to the other. In fact, other similar games like Sumo have an electronic scoring system that lights a bulb when specific body parts come into contact with another player.

What lies ahead for Kendo

The future of Kendo is at stake here; experts say that it may no longer attract players, considering that there is little or no funding. But the players and stakeholders have another opinion. They want it to draw only a few interested individuals that want to enjoy its benefits and nothing more.

Undoubtedly, the game is slowly turning from a sport to a hobby. And this will not be the first instance of its hibernation – it has happened before. However, that did not stop it from regaining its lost glory shortly after coming back to life a few years later.

5 YouTube Channels Where Kendo Beginners Can Learn

If you are looking for an activity to strengthen your body and mind, try Kendo. Besides having fun, you get to interact and build relationships with new people. And it gets even better; you don’t need to live close to a training center to play the sport.

Kendo masters around the world are now offering quality Kendo training for free on YouTube. That is great news for people with limited time and access to physical training facilities. Now, everybody has a shot at the world Kendo championships, if they practice enough. Here are some great YouTube Kendo training channels you can check out:

Kendo World

This channel is probably your best bet at learning Kendo from native Japanese teachers. They cover different weapon-based games in their videos, but Kendo is the primary focus there. And they have over 20,000 subscriptions and more than 7.2 million videos in their archives.

The Kendo show

Andy Fisher aims at increasing popularity and awareness of Kendo through this channel. It is an all-rounded video blog with everything from kendo concepts to maintaining gear and everything in between. If that sounds like a good idea, check out the channel today.

Malaysia Kendo association

This channel has everything you need to know about Kendo activities and basic techniques. It is relatively new, but they have great stuff in their archives so that makes it worth checking out.

Spokane kendo

This channel is all about Kendo training. It starts with the basic moves and gradually advances into more complicated techniques. If you’re a complete beginner, this could be an excellent place to get your feet wet in no time.


Another YouTube channel that is all about teaching Kendo to absolute beginners. It might not be very popular, but it has valuable information on how to get started and much more. Happy fencing!

4 Kendo Blogs to Keep You in the Loop

Probably, you already know how hard it can get when trying to find a vibrant Kendo community that works for you. Especially if you live far away from training centers. Usually, most people stay in the dark except for the few connections that might have picked up here and there till the next tournament. But that is set to change.

Several kendo blogs have been around for quite some time now. They’ve entertained, informed and inspired millions of people across the world. So if you have been feeling lonely, you can follow them to stay in the loop at all times.

Kendo world | Crossing swords and boarders

This blog is the ultimate meeting point for all Kendo fans and players. Here, there’s everything you need to know about the sport – ranging from top Kendo stories to updates on events and much more. It has been around since 2008, so whatever you do, make sure you visit this blog regularly.

Let’s Kendo | Kendo information general site

This site is the home to all Kendo action. In fact, there are over 5,000 Kendo matches uploaded on the website. Besides that, there are regular updates on national competitions, police competitions, student Kendo tournaments, all-around, Kanto conventions and so much more.

Kenshi 24/7 | All day, ever day

George, the owner of this site, is a Kendo player and fanatic. That side of him is evident in his write-ups that have valuable insights for Kendo players. So, if you feel you are the only Kendo player in the world, this site will offer some company.

Kendo nelle Marche

One thing you can notice upfront about this blog is the creativity in the content. The site runs from Marches, a place where Kendo is not common. But the owner is trying to create awareness in such an exciting way that it keeps people coming back for more.

Four Amazing YouTube Channels for Kendo Lovers

Kendo training sessions are the home of slow, calculated moves, foot thumping, and sheer fun. Ideally, that’s the reason Kendo made it far beyond Japanese borders. It is, however, still time-consuming and somewhat challenging to find experienced instructors.

Let’s face it; the art of fencing faces a popularity challenge. One that is so big that most countries don’t have a single training facility and if available, they are probably not enough to attract substantial attention. However, that is set to change.

There are several Youtube channels ran by experienced Kendo instructors from the biggest training centers. This opportunity is huge for people with limited time who still want to enjoy the benefits of the sport. Here are some of the best channels to help you master some Kendo moves:

Hiro Imafuji

Undoubtedly, this is the closest you can get to live Kendo training. It was started in 2007 by a Kendo team in Indiana, USA. It has grown to over 25,000 followers and has more than 2.7 million videos under its belt. That’s an impressive record right there!


Eurokendo is the biggest Kendo community in Europe. They sell Kendo equipment and run this Youtube channel to show clients how they are used. As a result, they’ve gathered over 1,700 followers and release two videos every other week.

Kendo federation of T&T

Another Kendo focused Youtube channel that started way back in 2009. They release a new video every month courtesy of Eddy Devisse – the head coach of the national Trinidad and Tobago Kendo team. Generally, it’s an excellent place to get your feet wet on the basics and much more.

Bokushingu’s Kendo TV

If you are looking for rare Kendo action, this is the place to look. Here there are videos on hard-to-find Kendo matches so you can see how the pros do it. The channel started in September 2006, and there is always a new video every week.

Betting on Martial Arts

The crowd cheers as players lock heads in friendly combat. At this point, keeping your cool is out of the question – maybe because of all the adrenaline passing through the system. Or is it a because you’ve just placed on a huge wager on the underdog?

The definition

Martial arts betting is one of the newest trends in the gambling scene. And according to reviews, it’s a no-brainer. You only need to do some homework on the participant’s style, strengths, weaknesses, and history to make a winning decision. How hard can that be?

However, not every match is worth your hard-earned money. The most popular games will have more bets, resulting in a bigger pot for the lucky winners. Here, you can place a wager on any of the following choices: a knockout victory, submission, decision or on All Slots, depending on your preference.

Ideally, betting on an underdog typically results in a bigger payout but also poses a higher risk of loss. On the other hand, the crowd’s favorite player has better chances of winning but the payout is considerably small. But either way, your bet can make or break your wallet.

Final thoughts

Depending on your preference and location, several betting organizations could suit your needs. UFC, for example, offers an impressive number of mixed martial arts wagering options for people across the world.

Remember that martial arts betting is slippery ground. There is need to stay updated about everything that happens in the player’s life. Look out for things like drug disqualifications, injuries or other personal issues. That way, nothing will ever catch you by surprise.

As always, be extra careful when choosing an MMA betting site; some may have unfavorable Ts & Cs. Fortunately, there is a ton of user reviews online; it’s just a matter of doing a simple Google search.

Betting on Martial Arts

Nothing kicks up adrenaline levels more than two people battling it out for some prize money, right? For the players, it’s a bloody situation that may result in broken bones, concussions, severe lacerations or even death. But fans have all the fun as they watch the raw action unfold and get to double their money in the process. Care to know more?

How to get started

Interestingly, strategic martial arts betting can change your fortunes overnight. And it’s not rocket science by any chance, all you need to do is acquire killer research skills and you

are good to go. First, you need to know how to choose matches wisely. Here, go for the favorite games for they usually have bigger payouts.

With that in mind, it’s time to bond with the players. Look out for anything going on in their careers and personal lives such as drug disqualifications, injuries, strengths, weaknesses, and personal issues. These factors contribute to the player’s overall performance.

Another thing to consider is who to trust with your hard-earned cash. Like always, choose betting sites with extra caution. Some, for example, may offer you enticing bonuses that you may later regret taking. But that’s a story for another day.

Parting shot

Hitting the JackpotCity in martial arts betting is a matter of strategy and a pinch of good luck. So long as you have the facts right, nothing stands in the way of (possibly) doubling your cash in as little as five minutes. However, the payout differs from one site to another, but the bottom line is – there is free money to be made out there.

Several organizations deal with martial arts betting. But UFC is probably the biggest organizer that impresses fans every time. They have everything from boxing to wrestling matches and everything in between.

So there you have it, 90% of the info you need to know about martial arts betting. Stay tuned for the remaining 10%.

Top 4 Blogs for Kendo Fans

Kendo has certainly matured and traveled far beyond the Japanese borders. But unfortunately, the sport does not enjoy the same popularity in these destinations as it does back at home. As a result, fans and players can feel deserted at times.

However, things have recently taken another direction with the emergence of blogs and Youtube channels dedicated to Kendo. And this revolution has changed how the community interacts and exchanges ideas. In that, it’s now easier than ever to find the best deals for training gear and meeting like-minded people.

So, here are the top 4 blogs for Kendo lovers.

This is undoubtedly the number one Kendo blog of all time! There is everything you need to know about kendo in their archives. And new stuff pops up there three times every other week. If it’s not an informative blog post, there’s a Podcast or Video. But overall, this blog is definitely worth checking out.

The Kendo show

This blog by Andy Fisher takes an all rounded approach to teaching Kendo – starting from basic moves to maintaining kendo equipment and everything in between. Since its inception in 2016, there is always something brand new every time you check in to the site.

Reddit – Kendo

Please wait before you dismiss this one! The site has millions of visitors with different interests, and Kendo happens to be one of them. So if you’re interested in joining a huge and vibrant community of Kendo followers, this is your best bet. | Kendo Information from Geoff

This blog is run by Geoff Salmon who happens to know an awful lot about kendo. When he’s not preparing another kickass piece for the blog, he is either sitting in a grading panel or teaching in seminars. So you can count on his blog for regular and accurate Kendo info.