5 YouTube Channels Where Kendo Beginners Can Learn

If you are looking for an activity to strengthen your body and mind, try Kendo. Besides having fun, you get to interact and build relationships with new people. And it gets even better; you don’t need to live close to a training center to play the sport.

Kendo masters around the world are now offering quality Kendo training for free on YouTube. That is great news for people with limited time and access to physical training facilities. Now, everybody has a shot at the world Kendo championships, if they practice enough. Here are some great YouTube Kendo training channels you can check out:

Kendo World

This channel is probably your best bet at learning Kendo from native Japanese teachers. They cover different weapon-based games in their videos, but Kendo is the primary focus there. And they have over 20,000 subscriptions and more than 7.2 million videos in their archives.

The Kendo show

Andy Fisher aims at increasing popularity and awareness of Kendo through this channel. It is an all-rounded video blog with everything from kendo concepts to maintaining gear and everything in between. If that sounds like a good idea, check out the channel today.

Malaysia Kendo association

This channel has everything you need to know about Kendo activities and basic techniques. It is relatively new, but they have great stuff in their archives so that makes it worth checking out.

Spokane kendo

This channel is all about Kendo training. It starts with the basic moves and gradually advances into more complicated techniques. If you’re a complete beginner, this could be an excellent place to get your feet wet in no time.


Another YouTube channel that is all about teaching Kendo to absolute beginners. It might not be very popular, but it has valuable information on how to get started and much more. Happy fencing!